ZIC X5000 10W-40


ZIC X5000 10W-40

ZIC X5000 10W-40

ZIC X5000 10W-40 is a semi-synthetic motor oil with the best operational characteristics for diesel engines.

This oil is manufactured based on YUBASE VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index) base stock and a high-quality well-balanced additives from global leading manufacturers. Recommended for application in any climate conditions of the Russian Federation. The oil is adapted for diesel fuel of functional Russian standards.


MB-Approval 228.3 MAN 3275 Volvo VDS-3 Cummins 20072, 20077 MACK EO-M Plus ACEA E7, A3/B4 API CI-4/SL


6, 20, 200 liters
How we help
provides for easy start and reliable lubrication
reduces fuel consumption and harmful atmospheric emissions, conforms to modern requirements of environmental compatibility
minimizes oil flow due to its low evaporative capacity
minimizes sludge and ash formation in the engine due to high oxidation stability and innovative additives, providing for the best cleaning effect
reliably protects the engine even at sustained operation in maximal speeds and loads modes, increasing its resource
Density at 15°C, g/sm3 0,855
Kinematic viscosity at 40°С, mm2/s 92,8
Kinematic viscosity at 100°С, mm2/s 14,8
Viscosity index 166
Flash point, °С 240
Lowest float temperature, °С -37,5
Alkali index, mg КОН/g 9,62
The typical properties are for reference only. Properties may vary with normal production tolerance, which does not affect product performance.